Infomedic is a Canadian company dedicated exclusively to the effective management of workplace mental health and safety. We provide solutions to help employers reduce the staggering costs associated with workplace mental health issues. Infomedic's solutions also provide the tools and services required by your organization to comply with Canada's National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

We offer employers a comprehensive suite of services designed to identify and mitigate mental health risks within their organization. Our programs and services enable employers to comply with Canada’s new standard for psychological health and safety in the workplace while simultaneously increasing productivity, reducing the high costs associated with unresolved workplace mental health issues, and building employee goodwill.

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Our Services

Mental health management programs in the workplace can have a positive return on investment from the employer perspective, but only when they are based on best practices. Infomedic is one of very few workplace mental health training programs to align its product with the new recommended guidelines.


Psychological Health and Safety (PH&S) services offered by Infomedic:

  • Initial PH&S Consultation
  • Internal PH&S Assessment
  • PH&S Training for Managers
  • PH&S Certification of Managers
  • Post-Implementation Support
  • Quarterly PH&S Newsletter for executive and HR managers
  • Patient education for employees suffering from depression and anxiety
  • Caregivers support for employees touched by workplace mental health
  • Ongoing support for employees recovering from a mental health condition